Victoria Surgery Ltd
3rd floor - 715 Finlayson  Victoria BC
(250) 595-1553          V8T 2T4

Who we are

Founded more than 50 years ago, Victoria Surgery Ltd provides personalized, first class care in a state of the art facility.

Your surgeon will contact us if surgery is indicated for your condition and if our facility fee can be paid by yourself or a third party insurer approved by the BC Ministry of Health.

What we do

We provide the environment for your surgical procedure and initial post operative care.

Victoria Surgery is a spacious, modern facility located on the entire third floor of 715 Finlayson St in Victoria, British Columbia. Designed for functionality and comfort, Victoria Surgery offers two operating rooms, five recovery areas for day surgery, private admittance rooms and space for private patient physician consultations. There is plenty of free parking on the street level, as well as below in the underground parkade which offers discreet access to the facility.

Victoria Surgery is focused on the well being of patients and staff alike. Every aspect of the facility has been structured to minimize the “hospital” experience and maximize warm, comforting care. The entire staff ensures each stage in a patient's visit to our facility is carefully managed to maximize comfort and reduce stress. This level of care is also extended to the surgeons who practice here; we offer them a stress minimizing atmosphere where everything is well organized so that they can focus on you.

At Victoria Surgery, it is important that you feel well informed, cared for and treated with dignity. Because surgical procedures can often be stressful, we have made every effort to ensure you feel comfortable here. This applies to everything from the respectful, professional way we conduct ourselves to small details such as plush robes that don't leave you feeling exposed, a welcoming, serene atmosphere and an underground parkade close to elevator access to give you convenience and privacy when you are arriving or leaving.